is devoted to helping others publish, whether it be on the web or in print. Founder Colin O’Brien has been involved in computer-based publishing since 1983 and web-based publishing since 1996. Established in 2001, Clearweave has three main operations:

The Clearweave Network

 is our original web-based publishing service. It provides web-hosting and site support, design and maintenance for professionals and small business. Focus is on the use of WordPress, and consulting on the development of themes and plugins.

The Artisthere Network had its roots in the Clearweave Network. So many of our clients were artists, with clearly identifiable special needs, that we set out to provide a dedicated, ready-to-use service.

T. H. Peek, Publisher

 has been providing educational materials to high schools and community colleges since 1966. When Jill Peek took over the business in 2008, it was focused on providing textbooks for teaching English composition at various levels, a business she has continued and developed.

Alice Greene & Company

 was a new imprint, Jill’s first extension to the book publishing business. The focus is on topics relating to creativity, the environment, sustainability and horticulture. Most activity recently has been in support of poetry chapbooks.

This is an interesting time for publishing, as the online and print worlds increasingly overlap. If you are an author with a relevant text, an artist looking for help to reach a broader audience, please contact us

Clearweave also provides distribution for photography and fine art prints by Colin O’Brien.

Jill Peek is an experienced editor who can help you get your next text into shape. contact us.

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